120 agricultural planting areas in Dong Nai province, Vietnam, awarded export planting area numbers

Representatives of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dong Nai Province revealed that up to now, 120 agricultural plantation areas (over 24,000 hectares) in Dong Nai Province have been granted plantation numbers for export to China, the United States, European countries, New Zealand, Australia and other countries.

Long Khanh City, Cam My District, and Chon Nguyen District are the places where many kinds of aquatic products have been granted with planting area numbers; the main fruit trees with large planting area numbers are rambutan, mango, banana, durian, etc.

Tran Linh Sang, deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Dong Nai Province, revealed that the planting area number is an identification number of the planting area so that it can be used to monitor and control the production of crops, product quality and traceability. In order to obtain a planting zone number, farmers must produce according to safety standards; write down records of farming operations in the field during cultivation; and not allow the use of some active ingredients according to the regulations of importing countries.

Dong Nai province currently has more than 4.9 hectares of perennial fruit trees; among them, mango, pineapple honey, banana, durian, rambutan and many other fruits have strong export advantages and large planting areas. However, recently, due to the lack of planting zone number

Most of the fruits from Dong Nai province can only be exported to the Chinese market through non-regular trade channels, but not to the world through regular trade channels.

It is important to issue a planting zone number for agricultural products, not only to help Dong Nai’s agricultural products “go” further, but also to help farmers become more aware of food quality and safety, thus achieving sustainable production. This can be seen as the key to building trust in the quality and prestige of agricultural products in the national and international markets.

Mr. Tran Lam Sang said that the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Dong Nai Province is implementing a plan for the establishment and management of planting areas and export packing plants. According to the plan, by 2025, Dong Nai province will issue more than 70 additional planting area numbers with a total area of nearly 6,500 hectares, with main crops such as pomelo, banana, pineapple honey, mango and dragon fruit.

In order to speed up the progress of planting zone number issuance, in the future, the agricultural department of Dong Nai province will focus on publicity work to assist farmers and various agricultural production organizations to establish planting zone numbers. People participating in the program for the establishment and management of planting zones and export packing plants will have the opportunity to receive training on integrated crop pest management, planting zone pest control measures, cultivation techniques and post-harvest management.

The agricultural sector will build product chains between growing areas, packers, exporters, local and national regulatory agencies. On the other hand, it will strengthen the interconnection with each planting area and packer in order to monitor the exported goods from each planting area and packer, so as to prevent irregularities related to the use of planting area numbers, especially counterfeit planting area numbers, bringing products from outside the planting area into the export product chain, etc.

Source: Vietnam People’s Daily Online

Post time: Nov-25-2022