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  • Hydroponic NFT Growing System
  • Flood Rolling Bench
  • Hydroponic Fodder System
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  • Agriculture Series
    Agriculture Series
    Whether you want to grow tomatoes,peppers,cucumbers,lettuce,potatoes or other fruits and vegetables,whether it is large-scale greenhouse cultivation or small garden planting or pre-project testing,here we will always offer you the most suitable solutions.
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  • Horticulture Series
    Horticulture Series
    Do you want to decorate your balcony?Do you want a colorful garden?Do you want to grow healthy vegetables by yourself...Come here! Make your hobbies more fashionable and healthy.
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  • Planting Factory
    Planting Factory
    It is a closed commercial plant-growing facility.All the important elements needed to artificial control plant growth: air,light,nutrition and water.Allow farmers to have a constant production of crops throughout an entire year.Vertical planting crop production is many times more than traditional planting.
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As a professional Hydroponic System & Greenhouse Equipment Supplier, NATUREHYDRO was founded in 2009 with the target of bringing the highest quality Agricultural & Horticultural products at the most competitive prices with excellent customer service directly to all sincere customers all over the world. Headquarters and sale center located in Shanghai, China, manufacture and distribution center located in Zhejiang, China. Widespread branches allow our dedicated sales team and professional service team to service over 100,000 loyal and happy customers worldwide. We have over 100 team members to provide friendly on time service, delivery, and after-sale by offering the high quality products, ongoing innovation, and skilled expertise to make your journey of hydroponics easier and more productive.

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