Agraral lowered Brazil’s soybean production forecast for 2021 / 22

On Thursday, agraral, a consulting firm, lowered Brazil’s soybean production forecast for 2021 / 22 because the drought in Parana and Rio Grande do Sul led to a decline in per unit yield. The company lowered its forecast of Brazilian soybean production to 144.7 million tons, lower than the forecast of 145.4 million tons in early November, but it is still a record production. The report said that the soybean planting area remained unchanged and was expected to be a record 40.6 million hectares. The decrease in output is due to the decline in per unit yield expectation. At present, soybean yield is calculated according to climatic conditions and crop development in each state, rather than the trend yield used last month.

Agraral is expected to achieve an average yield of 59.5 bags per unit area (60 kg per bag), compared with the forecast of 59.7 bags / HA in November. After the per unit yield adjustment, the per unit yield of almost every state has changed, but only Parana State has reduced its per unit yield due to drought. The soybean yield of the state is expected to be 20.9 million tons, which is 900000 tons lower than the forecast in November. The reason for the lower per unit yield of Parana State is that the soybeans in breeding period in the west of the state are in November and November At the beginning of December, it was faced with high temperature and lack of rain. In Rio Grande do Sul, despite difficulties in soybean planting, soybean production in the state was not reduced due to late sowing time.

Source: Master Boyi

Post time: Dec-22-2021