Agriculture in Kyrgyzstan increased by 2.4% in January 2022

According to Kyrgyz tazabek website reported on March 14, according to the data of the Eurasian Economic Commission, in January 2022, the agricultural output of the Eurasian Economic Union increased by 0.8% year-on-year, including 2.4% in Kyrgyzstan, 1.5% in Kazakhstan and 0.8% in Russia. The output of major livestock products of the alliance increased, including livestock and poultry products by 4.8%, milk by 1.4% and eggs by 3%. Among them, the output of livestock and poultry in Russia increased by 6% and Kyrgyzstan increased by 2.6%.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic

Post time: Mar-18-2022