Argentina’s agricultural exports reach record high in September, spurred by “soy dollars” program

Argentina’s agricultural information website and the website of El Nacional reported on September 21 that, according to data released on Wednesday (21) by the Chamber of the Oilseeds Industry and the Cereals Exporters Center (CIARA-CEC), the country’s agricultural exports have reached a record high since September 1, boosted by the growth of Argentine agricultural exports under the “soy dollar” program. This exceeds the minimum $5 billion forecast by Economy Minister Massa at the start of the program and represents an increase of $898 million over the all-time monthly high ($4.232 billion in May 2022). As of September 21, Argentina has traded 10.57 million tons of soybeans for export since the implementation of the “Soy Dollar” program on September 5; 62 percent of Argentina’s 2021/22 soybean production (43.5 million tons) has already been sold for export.

Source: Economic and Commercial Section of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic

Post time: Oct-09-2022