Argentina’s agricultural sector introduces measures to incentivize soybean and corn planting

The Argentine newspaper “La Nación” “La Horn” reported on October 24 that in response to the impact of the current nationwide drought, the Argentine agricultural sector recently developed and implemented fund assistance measures for small and medium-sized planters to incentivize the planting of soybeans and corn. Economy Minister Massa said the measure will provide 40 billion pesos of funding to planters with less than 400 hectares of soybeans and 100 hectares of corn, reducing their investment expenditures on agricultural materials and seeds by about 40 percent. The government assistance fund will benefit nearly 20,000 growers and increase Argentina’s coarse grains planted area by 1 million hectares in 2022/23, the report said.

Source: Economic and Commercial Section, Embassy of the Republic of Argentina

Post time: Nov-16-2022