Australia and New Zealand approve the sale and use of genetically modified wheat resistant to drought and glyphosate

In May 2022, after a full safety assessment, the food standards authority of Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) approved hb4 ® Food with wheat as raw material enters the market as imported food.

In the approval report issued on May 6, 2022, FSANZ said that it had not found any public health and safety problems and considered that the food derived from wheat line ind-00412-7 was as safe as the food derived from traditional non GM wheat varieties. Wheat strain ind-00412-7 has been genetically modified to tolerate drought and herbicide glyphosate.

Trigall genetics is a Uruguayan joint venture jointly established by bioceres crop solutions and florimond Desprez. In its application to FSANZ, it said that the drought tolerance trait is given by the expression of a new transcription factor hahb4 encoded by hahb4 gene in sunflower. On the other hand, tolerance to glufosinate is achieved by expressing phosphofibroin acetyltransferase (PAT). FSANZ has previously evaluated pat, but this is the first time they have evaluated hahb4 protein.

This approval allows foods made from Wheat Strain ind-00412-7 (including flour, bread, pasta, biscuits and other baked products) to be sold and used as food. These products will be subject to the labeling requirements of the food standards regulations of Australia and New Zealand.

Source: World agrochemical network

Post time: May-27-2022