Bangladesh plans to import 1 million tons of rice and wheat by December

The Bangladesh government has moved to import about 1 million tons of rice and wheat from four countries by December to avoid any domestic food shortage amid global instability, according to industry sources. The government will import rice from India, Vietnam and Myanmar and wheat from Russia, the sources said.

According to the government-to-government agreement, Bangladesh’s food ministry will purchase 500,000 tons of wheat from Russia, 230,000 tons of rice from Vietnam, 200,000 tons of rice from Myanmar and 100,000 tons of rice from India. Bangladesh has signed an agreement to import rice and wheat, which will arrive in the country in several phases starting in September. Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder said, in addition to these countries, we are now negotiating with other countries to import more rice because of fears that reduced rainfall this season will lead to a reduction in rice production. Although Bangladesh is the world’s third largest rice producer with an annual production of 35 million tons, it is still dependent on rice imports.

Source: BoiGuru

Post time: Sep-20-2022