BASF launches 3 new grape fungicides in Chile

World Agrochemical Network Chinese: Recently, multinational BASF launched three new grape fungicides to the Chilean fresh grape market: Melyra, Cevya fungicide and Serifel biofungicide.

Chile is one of the major fruit exporters in the southern hemisphere, and fresh grapes are a very important crop in Chile and in the international market. Disease control includes the use of active molecules with good control, wide tolerance and strict regulations for grape destination markets. Melyra and Cevya are part of the Revysol (clofentezole) family, a new fungal molecule designed by BASF for the management of complex diseases, including resistant plant pathogens.

Revysol is an active ingredient unlike other demethylation inhibitors (DMIs) on the market, it is the first isoproterenol azole ingredient with a unique chemistry that helps ensure superior binding and adaptability through its flexibility. ″This effect provides exceptional control, even for strains of plant pathogens with reduced susceptibility to DMIs. In addition, Revysol has environmentally friendly toxicological properties complemented by technical attributes that make it an essential component of grapevine control programs,″ explains BASF.

Melyra, a mixture of Revysol and pyraclostrobin, helps control powdery mildew at bud emergence even when suffering from severe disease stress, in addition to providing a good physiological effect on plant tissues to minimize low temperature damage.

Cevya provides effective control of powdery mildew and gray mold of grapevines during the flowering stage. It helps to establish a long-term, sustainable control program and also facilitates the rotation of different modes of action to avoid or slow down the emergence of resistant fungal strains.

Serifel is BASF’s first biofungicide for fresh grapes based on Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. serifel has a high concentration of Bacillus and is also very effective against gray mold and sour rot of grapevines at low doses per hectare.

BASF is convinced that this new generation of fungicides,″ it strengthens the choice of agricultural solutions for fresh grapes and remains committed to providing innovations that support a sustainable future and thus help the success of fresh grape growing and farmers. ″

Source: World Agrochemical Network

Post time: Oct-17-2022