Brazil’s agricultural exports hit a record high in November

Brazil’s economic value reported on December 13 that according to the statistics processed by the Foreign Trade Secretariat (secex) of the Ministry of economy of Brazil’s Ministry of agriculture, the total export of Brazilian agricultural products in November was US $8.36 billion, a new record in the same period since 2011. Compared with the same period last year, the average export price of agricultural products increased by 22.3%. Driven by the price rise, the export volume in November increased by 6.8% year-on-year. Over the same period, the export volume decreased by 12.7% year-on-year.

Due to the problems of supply and logistics in the United States, the sales volume of Brazilian soybeans in November increased by 80.2% year-on-year to 260 tons, the price increased by 38.7%, and the export volume reached US $1.32 billion. The total exports of soybeans, soybean oil and soybean meal accounted for 24.9% of Pakistan’s agricultural exports. China is the main export destination of Pakistan’s soybean, accounting for 86.2% of its total export volume.

Other major agricultural products exported by Brazil include meat (accounting for 15.6% of the total export), forest products (15%), sugar alcohol complex (11.9%) and coffee (7.4%). Soybeans, meat, forest products, sugar and coffee account for three quarters of the total agricultural export value.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Republic of Brazil

Post time: Dec-20-2021