Cameroon renovated 60000 hectares of land for rice cultivation

Cameroon’s Tribune reported on March 4 that according to the data of Cameroon’s Ministry of agriculture, in 2020, Cameroon produced 140000 tons of rice, consumed 577000 tons, and the gap was 437000 tons. Over the past decade, the Kazakh government has been trying to increase rice production, but there are many constraints, including insufficient financing by the government and banks, lack of large-scale land, high-quality seeds and rice shelling factories. The Kazakh Minister of Agriculture said that the Kazakh government plans to renovate 120000 hectares of agricultural land, 70% of which is used to grow rice. At present, a number of land improvement projects for planting rice are under way, with a total area of 60000 hectares. At that time, 400000 tons of rice can be produced annually. At present, the consumption demand of Kazakh rice is growing. It is estimated that the annual demand will reach 700000 tons by 2030.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Republic of Cameroon

Post time: Apr-21-2022