Chile proposes to grow food in the northern desert

In a recent interview, José Guajardo Reyes, deputy minister for desert agriculture programs at Chile’s Ministry of Agriculture, told the public about the Ministry’s and the Production Promotion Agency’s (Corfo) plan to aggressively pursue food cultivation in the desert regions of northern Chile.

Radio ADN Chile reported on Aug. 22 that Guajardo said the plan could help the country fight a 13-year drought by developing desert agriculture in the regions of R. de Antofagasta, R. de Tarapacá and R. de Arica y Parinacota, among others. As for the possibility of developing desert agriculture, he said that it could help the country fight against the 13-year drought and the rise in food prices.

As for the possibility of carrying out desert agriculture, he responded that today, “human ingenuity and capacity allow for all possibilities to promote desert agricultural production if we plant the right crops, apply the right irrigation techniques, and make full use of solar energy.”

Guajardo noted that a variety of crops, especially vegetables, can be grown in the desert areas of northern Chile. “With the support of university research institutes, farmers there will be able to develop more drought-tolerant varieties. This will bring more profit to the area and also contribute to national food security.”

According to the report, Chilean Agriculture Minister Esteban Valenzuela said not long ago that the Boric administration’s agricultural priorities are to achieve sustainable development, guarantee food sovereignty and security, and territorial justice.

Valenzuela believes that Chile will be one of the countries most capable of withstanding the global food crisis. “Thanks to the strength and diversity of agricultural families and favorable planting data, we believe that Chile is capable of withstanding this global food crisis.”


Post time: Aug-31-2022