Chilean citrus fruits allowed to enter the Mexican market

Chilean newspaper El Mercurio reported on March 22 that the Chilean Fruit Export Association (Asoex) announced that the Mexican National Service for Food Hygiene, Safety and Quality (Senasica) has issued an announcement on the latest quarantine requirements for the import of citrus and lemons from Chile, which marks the approval of eligible Chilean citrus fruits to enter the Mexican market. Canala-Echeverria stressed that the new inspection and quarantine system and related standards improve the quality of product supply, meet diversified demand, broaden the sales market and bring benefits to the bilateral economy. Data show that last year’s fruit season, Chile was the third largest exporter of citrus fruits in the southern hemisphere. Among them, citrus exports were the largest, accounting for 33%, oranges accounted for 30%, lemons and Clemente’s small citrus accounted for 21% and 16%, respectively.

Source: Economic and Commercial Section of the Embassy in the Republic of Chile

Post time: Apr-10-2023