Chile’s fresh blueberry exports to fall 8% this season

Recently, the Chilean Blueberry Commission and consulting firm iQonsulting announced the estimated export volume of Chilean blueberries for the 2022/23 season. Shipments of fresh blueberries this season are expected to be 98,228 tons, an 8% decrease from the previous season.

In response to the lower export volume, Andrés Armstrong, Executive Director of the Blueberry Commission, explained that through the efforts of the Commission and affiliated companies, the Chilean blueberry industry has been integrating technologies and adjusting product offerings to the current competitive situation in the international market. One of the actions they have taken is varietal renewal, which means leaving some varieties for frozen export and other industrial uses, while planting new varieties with better quality after harvest, thus revealing the unique flavor and sweetness of Chilean blueberries.

He also said that last season’s fresh blueberry exports suffered major logistical problems, which in turn accelerated the adjustment of the national supply. Although logistics services are expected to improve significantly this season, export volumes will be reduced and special attention will be given to the quality of the blueberries.

Exports of Chilean frozen blueberries are expected to increase to 60,000 tons or more, up more than 14 percent from the previous season, maintaining growth momentum and market diversification, according to Isabel Quiroz, executive director of iQonsulting. Chile’s frozen blueberries are recognized worldwide for retaining the sweetness of the fruit, plus the fact that most of the picking is done by hand, ensuring high quality.

Quiroz also emphasized that this season’s fresh blueberry exports had better conditions, such as lower temperatures for better fruit quality. In addition, the number of workers in the harvesting, packing and logistics operations has increased this season.

Source: International Fruit and Vegetable Report

Post time: Oct-26-2022