China Cambodia agricultural technology training course opens in 2021

Beijing, Phnom Penh, November 29 (Xinhua): the 2021 China (Hainan) – Cambodia tropical agricultural technology training course, banana standardized production technology training course, opened on the 29th through remote video connection.

The organizer said that the training course was conducted by video connection. The expert teachers of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences taught in Hainan, China. The students studied theory at the Royal Agricultural University of Cambodia and practiced on the spot in the local agricultural base of Cambodia. The training course focuses on the development analysis of banana industry in Cambodia, green prevention and control technology of banana diseases and pests, post harvest preservation of banana and resource utilization of waste, economic benefit analysis and brand construction of banana, efficient mango cultivation technology, etc.

At the opening ceremony, Xu Xi, a first-class researcher of the exchange and Cooperation Department of Hainan Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas, pointed out that this training activity was held to continue to implement the “China (Hainan) – Cambodia tropical agricultural technology cooperation agreement”. At present, four training sessions have been successfully held, and an effective communication mechanism has been established with Cambodia, which has improved the technical level of Cambodia’s tropical agricultural production and processing, and promoted the cooperation The implementation of “Cambodia China Tropical ecological agriculture cooperation demonstration zone” has become a model of agricultural industry cooperation between the two countries.

Xu Bingqiang, deputy director of Haikou experimental station of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, said that Cambodia is a large agricultural country with unique natural conditions, vast and fertile land, no pollution and rich water resources, which is very suitable for the development of tropical fruit tree industries such as banana, mango and coconut. In recent years, China’s import of bananas from Cambodia has increased rapidly, and the average unit price has increased year by year, indicating the quality of bananas in Cambodia It is excellent and loved by Chinese consumers. There is a bright prospect for Cambodia to develop banana and other tropical fruit tree industries in the future.

Yingkeshu, consul of the Cambodian consulate in Haikou, said that with the strong support of the Chinese and Cambodian governments, Cambodian bananas and mangoes have been successfully sold to China, which is a milestone in China Cambodia agricultural cooperation. In the future, more tropical agricultural products of Cambodian origin will be supplied to the Chinese market.

Chen Qisheng, general manager of China Inspection and Certification Group Cambodia Co., Ltd., said that in order to achieve sustainable development of Cambodian agriculture, in addition to China’s continued opening of the market for Cambodian agricultural products and strong support for Chinese enterprises to invest in the development of agriculture in Cambodia, it is also necessary to vigorously improve the level of agricultural production technology, improve the quality and ability of agricultural technicians, and improve the agricultural industry Therefore, it is very necessary and timely to hold China Cambodia tropical agricultural technology training course, which is of great significance.

It is reported that “Cambodia China Tropical ecological agriculture cooperation demonstration zone” Hainan Dingyi Oasis Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. was successfully declared by Hainan Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas and was selected as the first batch of overseas agricultural cooperation demonstration areas by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas in 2017. The demonstration area adheres to the concept of paying equal attention to development and protection, introduces the ecological protection organization Kadoorie China Conservation Fund to delimit the ecological protection red line for the demonstration area, and develops efficient agriculture on the premise of protecting the ecological environment And create a new model for the development of China’s agricultural overseas cooperation.

Source: China News Network

Post time: Dec-08-2021