Chinese agricultural products collectively appear in the Italian international fruit and vegetable Exhibition

On September 6, macrut digital, the largest and most influential professional exhibition in Europe and around the Mediterranean, was grandly opened. Chinese high-quality fruit and vegetable export enterprises made a collective appearance. More than 100 kinds of high-quality fruit and vegetable products and advanced processing machinery from 20 provinces in China brought good opportunities to Italian and global buyers “Chinese fruit and vegetable style”.

So far, the Italy international fruit and Vegetable Fair has been successfully held for 39 sessions. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, this major exhibition has been transferred from the offline to online. This year, the sponsor has set up the “China Japan”. At the event, the Chinese delegation was heavily promoted and the China EU fruit and vegetable enterprise docking meeting was held. Ambassador Guang Defu of China’s permanent representative office to the United Nations Food and agriculture institutions, director Ma Hongtao of the agricultural trade promotion center of the Ministry of agriculture and rural China, and gianpaolo Bruno, chief representative of the Beijing Office of the Italian Foreign Trade Commission, delivered video congratulatory messages respectively.

One belt, one road, was the first G7 country in 2019. With the Sino Italian economic and trade cooperation moving towards a new height, the trade of agricultural products between the two countries has been expanding. The Italy international fruit and vegetable exhibition has become an important platform for China’s high-quality fruit and vegetable products and advanced technology and equipment to enter the European and global markets.

This year, a total of 110 Chinese enterprises participated in the exhibition, including 44 high-quality fruit and vegetable enterprises leading China’s agricultural international trade. The participating enterprises span East and West, North and south, and the participating products have strong regional characteristics. At this fruit and vegetable exhibition, China not only brought international merchants litchi, longan, pineapple, citrus and other tropical fruits, fresh pears, apples, kiwifruit, grapes Chinese chestnut and other temperate fruits, as well as tomato, garlic, edible fungi, ginger, pepper and other vegetable products, more intensively display China’s increasingly leading agricultural product processing technology and equipment.

The most “eye-catching” of this exhibition is the distinctive fruit and vegetable products brought by regional exhibition groups from China, which brings a strong “Chinese flavor” to Italian and global buyers, and multi-dimensional displays the new development and new highlights in the field of “agriculture, countryside and farmers” in China.

In the Chinese exhibition group, 22 agricultural enterprises from Hebei, which is rich in agricultural resources, made a collective appearance, and the number of exhibitors ranked first in China. Hebei, as the largest fresh pear producing area in China, is known as “the world’s fresh pears see China, and China’s fresh pears see Hebei”. China promulgated the eight “hometown of Yali Pear” (2000) In addition to fresh pears, Hebei also brought advantageous and characteristic fruit and vegetable products such as chestnut, hawthorn, seabuckthorn juice, pepper products, quick-frozen fruits and vegetables and fresh-keeping vegetables.

At the exhibition, Guangdong, located in the tropical and subtropical regions, brought a variety of products such as citrus, pomelo, litchi, pineapple, fire dragon fruit, kiwi fruit, mango, longan, mushrooms and green melon vegetables, which focused on the diversity advantages and excellent quality of Guangdong’s fruits and vegetables. It is reported that as a global pomelo planting advantage area, Guangdong’s pomelo planting area is about 40000 hectares and the output is about 950000 tons Deqing Gong citrus, which has successfully entered the international market in recent years, has a long history of planting and is deeply loved by international customers.

The types of Chinese high-quality agricultural products export enterprises participating in the exhibition cover the whole industrial chain of production, processing and trade. They comprehensively show the new development of China’s agricultural modernization with advanced technology, top-notch equipment and multi category international certification. In addition, Guangdong Zhongli Agricultural Group Co., Ltd., the largest litchi export enterprise in China, and garlic products are exported to Jiangjiang in more than 60 countries and regions around the world Su Liming Food Group Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Fuling, the leader of the pickle industry, and Yuquan pickled mustard are also showing their style again.

Source: China Agricultural Information Network

Post time: Sep-13-2021