Chinese mycorrhizal technology brings bright prospects for agricultural development in Tanzania

According to the guardian, the mainstream media in Tanzania, on March 16, the United Nations Department of economic and Social Affairs held a seminar on “Application of mycorrhizal technology and sustainable agricultural development” in Tanzania. Tanzanian government officials, scientific researchers, representatives of farmers and herdsmen and United Nations experts participated. Participants specially went to uyogaplus mushroom farm in Dar es Salaam to visit the practical application of mycorrhizal technology.

Uyogaplus project is a special plan of the Tanzanian government to empower rural women through mushroom production and increase their income from poverty. Originally, sawdust, banana leaves and other relatively expensive supplements were used to produce mushrooms. In February 2021, a mycorrhizal planting nursery was established and began to use mycorrhizal grass to produce mushrooms. Officials from the Tanzanian Ministry of animal husbandry and Fisheries said that mycograss is a comprehensive technology that can intensively produce high-yield forage and mushrooms. It plays an important role in eliminating feed shortage, reducing land degradation and alleviating the challenge of climate change. Mycograss technology has been widely accepted by Tanzanian local governments, farmers and herdsmen, and has bright development prospects in the future.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the United Republic of Tanzania

Post time: Apr-06-2022