Colombia becomes Latin America’s second largest avocado exporter

Recently, the World Economic Forum published an article stating that avocados have become one of the top choices for a healthy diet in the wake of the new crown epidemic pandemic. Latin America now accounts for 75 percent of global avocado production, and the region is a world leader in avocado exports.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Mexico’s avocado production has more than doubled from 1.1 million tons in 2010 to 2.4 million tons by 2020. Colombian avocado production has also increased significantly in recent years. in 2015, Colombia produced 309,852 tons of avocados. in 2020 this figure increases to 876,754 tons, making Colombia the second largest avocado supplier in Latin America. Colombia is now on track to overtake Africa and Asia as the world’s leading avocado exporter.

Colombia is the fifth avocado producing country to gain market access to China, after Mexico, Peru, Chile and New Zealand. the first Colombian avocados arrived on the Chinese market in July 2020, with 48 tons imported that year. Colombian avocado exports to China then showed an erratic trend, soaring to 247.7 tons in 2021, compared to 17 tons in all of 2022.

Nearly 70% of China’s avocado imports currently come from Peru, followed by Mexico and Chile. With the relaxation of epidemic prevention and control and the gradual recovery of international logistics, it is expected that Colombian avocado exports to China will also enter a new phase.

Source: International Fruit and Vegetable Report

Post time: Apr-14-2023