Cordiva Partners with STI Biotechnologie to Promote Microbial-Based Soil/Root Enhancers in European Markets

World Agrochemical Network (WACN) reports: Cordiva and STI Biotechnologie recently announced the signing of a multi-year agreement to distribute two strains of Lactobacillus for plant growth stimulation. The agreement covers all countries in continental Europe.

Through this agreement, STI Biotechnologie will provide Cordyva with an exclusive distribution license for the distribution of formulations of its proprietary Lactobacillus Farciminis CNCM-I-3699 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus CNCM-I-3698 for the promotion of plant improvement in soil conditions and inter-root environment. These technologies are applicable to field and greenhouse conditions and help improve soil-soil bioactivity and nutrient interactions.

Cordiva will use its extensive distribution network and market coverage to make the product available under the brand name Utrisha?Rhizo biostimulant, which is suitable for all crops, mainly for vegetables and potatoes.

Priscila Vansetti, Vice President of Biology and Business Development for Cordiva’s Crop Protection Business Unit, said: ″Cordiva continues to bring new and innovative solutions to the market by offering natural products that contribute to plant resilience, while also complementing our traditional crop protection solutions. We are excited to partner with STI Biotechnologie to expand and maximize sustainable options to help farmers meet changing environmental conditions while maintaining crop yield and health. ″

This partnership marks another step forward in Cordiva’s expanding global biologics portfolio. Cordiva is committed to developing biostimulant and biocontrol products with reliable and predictable performance. utrisha?Rhizo is technically supported by STI Biotechnologie and is in line with Cordiva’s commitment to sustainable innovation through integrated nutrient management efficiency, yield potential and sustainability.

Christophe Tanguy, Business Director of STI Biotechnologie, said: ″This partnership with Cordiva fits perfectly with our offer of biological solutions to increase crop growth and development and resilience″. ″This agreement with multinational companies such as Cordiva will accelerate the deployment of our soil health biostimulants and meet the growing demand from farmers for solutions to increase crop resilience and soil health,″ said Renaud Domitile, Chief Executive Officer.

Source: World Agrochemical Network

Post time: Oct-27-2022