Cordova launches several new seed treatments for corn and canola in Canada

(WNA) – Cordiva announced the expansion of its seed treatment product lineup with the launch of two new seed treatment portfolios containing multiple new products for corn and canola growers across Canada for the 2023 growing season.

Travis Schoonbaert, Head of Seed Application Technology at Cordiva, noted, “Bringing new products to market takes years of evaluation, and this year, we are introducing two new LumiGEN® seed treatment combinations for canola and corn growers in Canada.”

By using LumiGEN, Cordova’s new canola seed treatment fungicide combination, Canadian canola growers will be able to achieve better disease control. The portfolio contains four highly effective modes of action for broad-spectrum disease control, including Lumiscend™ fungicidal seed treatment, a unique new active ingredient that provides potent control of airborne black sigatoka. lumiscend provides crop protection from seedling emergence to the critical infection period through seedling translocation to inhibit the growth of the black sigatoka fungus. It is estimated that approximately 55% of canola acreage in western Canada is affected by black spike disease, resulting in an average yield loss of nearly 9.67%.

Lumiscend will be used in conjunction with Lumiderm to provide broad-spectrum pest and disease control for canola growers. Kirsten Ratzlaff, product manager for seed application technology at Cordiva, said, ″Brevant® seed and the Pioneer® brand have superior black spike disease resistance genetics for canola. The new seed treatment disease control combination, LumiGEN, used in conjunction with both, is expected to provide Western Canadian canola growers with industry-leading black cob disease control. Similar to Lumiderm™ insecticidal seed treatment, this fungicide combination excels in promoting early-season seedling establishment, vigor and biomass. ″

The new LumiGEN seed treatment corn portfolio for Canadian corn growers includes two new products – Lumialza™ nematicide seed treatment and Lumiscend Pro (thiazinam + Inpyrfluxam + mefenoxam) fungicide seed treatment. Lumialza is a biological seed treatment and the first corn nematicide seed treatment to be introduced in Canada, containing Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, following successful applications in the U.S. Lumialza protects roots for more than 80 days and controls a variety of nematodes, including spiny nematodes, long needle nematodes, spear nematodes, thick and short root nematodes, root knot nematodes, sword nematodes and root-rot nematodes.

“While it is impossible to detect nematodes with the naked eye, they can have a devastating impact on yields. In addition to nematode control, the new corn disease control combination has four highly effective modes of action for broad-spectrum control of diseases such as Pythium, Fusarium, Fusarium and corn silky black ears. The Lumiscend Pro in this combination has been tested to a whole new level of control against Fusarium and Pythium,” Ratzlaff continued.

The new LumiGEN seed treatment package, designed for Brevant seed and Pioneer genetics, is part of a number of innovative seed treatment products that Cordiva will be launching in Canada. Cordiva AgroSciences’ Seed Application Technologies division is focused on discovering and developing quality products that help unlock the genetic potential of each seed and increase farmer productivity.

Source: World Agrochemical Network

Post time: Jul-22-2022