Costa Rica has great export potential in developing edible flower planting industry

A team led by five women in Costa Rica is working to develop the edible flower planting industry. These flowers have been favored by well-known local hotels and have been made into a variety of delicacies.

San Jose Costa Rica today reported on May 5 that the “rainforest mother” project (Madre selva), located in P é rez zeled ó n county, San Jose Province, is one of the few edible flower planting projects in Costa Rica and an “innovative project” recognized by the national cooperative promotion agency (infocoop).

Based on the local soil and climate conditions, the project members cultivated carnations, pansies, geraniums and other flowers. The project leader is five women. Thanks to the training of the Ministry of agriculture and animal husbandry, their abilities in marketing, finance and organizational development have been improved.

Melissa mora, one of the project leaders, said that the “rainforest mother” project had been started before the COVID-19. After more than two years of operation, the project has developed better and better. The harvested flowers are mainly sold to five-star hotels and pastry shops. Businesses have developed a variety of salads, main dishes, desserts and cocktails based on these flowers.

Laura Flores, an official of the Export Promotion Department of regi ó n brunca, where Perez zelaton county is located, said that in the long run, Europe, the United States and Canada are potential markets for the “rainforest mother” project.

Source: South American overseas Chinese News Network

Post time: May-12-2022