Dairy farmers in Bangladesh oppose soybean meal export

According to the daily sun of Bangladesh on February 28, dairy farmers in Bangladesh urged the government to revoke the decision to allow the export of soybean meal so that Bangladesh has sufficient animal feed supply. Dairy farmers are worried that if the decision is not cancelled immediately, the prices of dairy products and other related foods in Bangladesh will soar. Mohamed Imran Hussain, chairman of Bangladesh dairy farmers association (BDFA), said that soybean meal is the main component of poultry, dairy products and cattle feed, and Bangladesh’s annual demand is 180000-200000 tons.

Of these demands, 75% – 80% are provided by local edible oil producers in Bangladesh, and the rest are imported from India, the United States, Brazil, Argentina and some other countries. Due to the lifting of the export ban, the price of MENGDOU meal has increased by 15-20 Taka per kilogram. The prices of other animal feed ingredients are also rising rapidly, which will have a negative impact on the production of dairy products in Bangladesh. On February 6, the Ministry of Commerce of Bangladesh issued a notice allowing different industrial groups in Bangladesh to export soybean meal one by one.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the people’s Republic of Bangladesh

Post time: Mar-08-2022