EU27+UK: Sugar beet production expected to fall due to hot and dry weather

Analysts forecast that EU27 plus UK sugar beet production in 2022/23 will fall to 110 million tons, down 2.7% from the previous estimate, with a range of 103.4-116.6 million tons.

Analysts said that the past two weeks of continued drought and high temperatures have put pressure on the sugar beet crop. Temperatures in Western Europe and the U.K. are 1-5°C above average, while in the East temperatures are near normal or 1-2°C below average. Most areas are dry, with rainfall totals for the past two weeks 5-50 mm below normal. Little or no rain has fallen in Western Europe, with localized rainfall in Central and Eastern Europe improving soil moisture slightly.

Weather forecasts indicate that Western Europe will remain hot for many days to come, with cooler weather likely to persist in parts of the east and north. The upcoming weather conditions will be favorable for crops in the east, but unfavorable for crops in the west, including France and the Iberian Peninsula.

Source: Mu Sweet Technology

Post time: Aug-08-2022