German media reports on the impact of climate change on coffee growing in Vietnam

Die Rheinpfalz, a daily newspaper in the Pfalz region of southwest Germany, recently published an article about the serious impact of climate change on Vietnamese coffee growers. Germany is currently the largest export market for Vietnamese Robusta coffee.

Citing the article, Vietnam News Agency’s correspondent in Germany reported that water for irrigation is becoming increasingly scarce in Vietnam’s Western Plains due to the long-term effects of climate change. The weather is erratic and unsuitable for all stages of coffee growth, leading to a decline in coffee production and quality, and therefore coffee exports, mainly to the European market, continue to decline. 2018 Vietnam’s coffee exports reached 1.88 million tons, falling to 1.61 million tons in 2019 and continuing to fall to 1.57 million tons in 2020 and 1.52 million tons last year.

The article said that the Vietnamese authorities and NGOs are currently working to find solutions to improve the affordability of Vietnam’s coffee industry and promote the sustainable development of the coffee industry. Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has launched a coffee replanting project for the period 2021-2025 and replanted about 107,000 hectares of coffee plantations with new varieties that are more resistant to pests and diseases and better adapted to climate change.

Coffee grows well in the highlands of Vietnam bordering Cambodia and Laos, where about 1.5 million people are engaged in coffee production alone. Vietnam is currently the second largest coffee producer in the world (after Brazil) and the largest producer of Robusta coffee in the world. Consumers of Vietnamese coffee are present in about 80 countries worldwide and 40% of Vietnamese coffee production is exported to Europe. Germany is the most important export market, and coffee exports to this market account for 15% of Vietnam’s total coffee exports in 2021. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, in 2021, Germany imports 1.21 million tons of coffee, 17% of which is imported from Vietnam.

Source: Source: Vietnam People’s Daily Online

Post time: Oct-20-2022