Global cotton demand continues to be strong

Recently, the global demand for cotton continues to be strong, and yarn mills outside China continue to actively purchase imported cotton. The accelerated economic growth of 6 fish meal in Europe has led to an increasing number of clothing purchase orders, which has brought benefits to Turkey’s textile industry.

At present, China’s export enterprises have plenty of orders, but the rising sea freight and container are extremely tight. As a result, the freight trains shipped from Xinjiang and even the road transportation from China to Europe have begun to increase. Many problems of international shipping have changed the purchase of many countries’ yarn mills, and began to actively replenish the inventory and increase the order of far month shipping date.

Specifically, Pakistan continues to purchase emot41-4-36 green card cotton from the United States, West Africa cotton and new cotton from Argentina, Mexico and Brazil in 2022. Bangladesh purchased West African cotton and Brazil’s new cotton in 2022, Indonesia actively purchased andaria m1-5 / 32 grade cotton, Thailand purchased Australian cotton, Vietnam purchased American cotton, Brazilian cotton and Australian cotton, and the demand for Australian cotton began to increase, many of which were purchased by Chinese enterprises in Vietnam and then transported back to China for use. Turkey is most interested in Australian cotton and American cotton. Orders from the Caribbean and Peru are very good. Latin American countries continue to buy American cotton.
Source: China cotton net

Post time: Jul-08-2021