Global horticulture market size has exceeded 100 billion dollars

A few days ago, a video on the subject of gardening during quarantine on YouTube in the United States gained a lot of attention. Searching for “gardening during quarantine” on the Internet, about 470,000 videos can be found, and the click and play rates are quite high. In Europe and the United States, most families have their own gardens. Planting flowers and plants, do-it-yourself gardening has become a way for many families to spend time at home. Now April has arrived, the yard goods into the peak season of e-commerce sales. Recently, a number of Amazon yard category merchants reported that some goods sold out overnight.

Previously, digital platform Klaviyo analyzed global gardening e-commerce data and found that global online sales of home gardening products increased by 100 percent in 2020 over the same period. In the wake of this explosive growth, while yard supply e-commerce sales are gradually returning to rational growth, the compound annual growth rate over the past two years is still close to 20%. And Statista data shows that in 2020, the global gardening market size has exceeded the $100 billion mark; global demand for gardening equipment and supplies is expected to grow steadily, with market sales reaching $130 billion by 2024.

In 2021, the National Gardening Association conducted a survey of gardening enthusiasts in the U.S. and found that gardening participation rose significantly compared to the pre-epidemic period, with 18.3 million new gardening enthusiasts and 42% of them increasing their gardening maintenance hours. In addition, the demographics of millennial customers grew by 65% and the Gen Z population grew by 44% at garden centers in the U.S. and Canada.

In addition, according to Houzz, Pinterest, Yardzen and Google search data, past yard consumption, consumers are accustomed to buying single items, such as the need to buy a table, a baking oven, specific landing consumption scenarios are often offline big box stores and retail stores. With the continuous enrichment of the supply side, consumers are faced with more choices, the difficulty of matching has become a common pain point, and set furniture and set gardening tools become hot.

It is worth noting that Google Trends data shows that consumers’ interest in terracotta (Terracotta, +5.25%), rust (Rust, +4.61%), rose (Rose, +11.59%) and moss green (Moss Green, +17.56%) has increased significantly in recent years, with warm colors becoming popular theme colors. Meanwhile, more and more European and American consumers will pay attention to whether the materials are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, recyclable, etc. In recent years, portable power and solar-powered yard tools have shown a good growth trend.

Post time: Mar-06-2023