Grain sowing in Tajikistan reaches 304,700 hectares

Tajikistan’s Avesta news agency reported on August 24 in Dushanbe that as of August 19, 2022, the area of grain sown in Tajikistan was 304,700 hectares and the actual harvested area was 268,200 hectares, according to the Tajik Ministry of Agriculture. Among them, 137,400 hectares were planted in Khatlon Region, 84,000 hectares in Soghd Region, 45,600 hectares in the Central Territory, 660 hectares in Gorno-Badakhshan Region and 585 hectares in Dushanbe City; grain production was 852,200 tons, of which, 696,400 tons of wheat was produced.

In addition, potatoes were planted on 34,700 hectares, harvested on 12,800 hectares and produced 243,200 tons.

Source: Economic and Commercial Section of the Embassy in the Republic of Tajikistan

Post time: Sep-02-2022