Greenhouse Agriculture-One Type Of The Modern Agriculture

The concept of greenhouse agriculture

Greenhouse agriculture refers to the agriculture operated in artificial heat preservation facilities. It is a supplement to field agriculture. It is also called facility agriculture. In foreign countries, it is called “controllable environment agriculture”. It is mainly divided into glass greenhouse and plastic greenhouse. It can adjust temperature and humidity manually.

Conditions for the emergence of greenhouse agriculture

Greenhouse agriculture first appeared in Netherlands. It is needless to say how fast the modern agriculture in Netherlands develops. Why can Dutch greenhouse agriculture develop so rapidly, with such a large scale and advanced technology? The first is the geographical advantage of the Netherlands, which has a limited land area and no unique agricultural conditions. On the contrary, it is the driving force for the development of agriculture; Of course, there is no lack of absolute support from government departments in terms of market, capital and technology. The Netherlands supports the development of agriculture, and the talents of agricultural technology emerge in endlessly, which lays the foundation for its agricultural technology innovation and development.·

Development of greenhouse agriculture

Most of the greenhouses in the Netherlands are glass greenhouses, which have strong ability to resist the external environment. Since the 1950s, the Dutch government organized and established the basic and applied research system of greenhouse industry, systematized the development of greenhouse agriculture, and vigorously supported the development of greenhouse agriculture from the technical level. The emergence and use of movable thermal insulation curtain, simulated greenhouse climate control system, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, nutrient solution irrigation, hydroponic culture, rock wool culture and substrate directly make the agricultural development of the Netherlands lead the world.

Under the promotion of the government, Dutch greenhouse agriculture has formed the integration of industry, research and learning. The productization, standardization and industrialization of greenhouse agriculture promote the development direction of Dutch agriculture.

Types of greenhouse agriculture

Plastic greenhouse:light weight, less building materials, low cost, longer service life, temperature control ability is no less than glass greenhouse. However, the plastic material is easy to aging, the structure is not firm, and the ability to resist natural disasters is weak.

Solar greenhouse:a unique type of greenhouse in northern China. It is a kind of greenhouse that does not need to be heated indoors. It can store heat by absorbing solar energy from the back wall to maintain indoor temperature and meet the needs of crop growth.

Sawtooth greenhouse:the greenhouse connected by independent single room has higher space utilization rate, because its zigzag structure can achieve the best natural ventilation effect and is less affected by the rainy season.

Intelligent greenhouse:technological innovation has promoted the improvement of traditional greenhouse. Intelligent greenhouse can carry out fine quality control of crops according to the requirements of specific people, which is affected by consumers and also affects the consumption mode of consumers.

Post time: Jun-29-2022