How to achieve the best economic benefit in greenhouse planting

From a biological point of view, temperature can indeed affect the flowering time of flowers. However, the influence on the flowering period is not simply temperature. It needs a series of comprehensive control factors to control the flowering period better. In addition, the greenhouse for planting flowers needs to be in place in the corresponding system configuration, especially the greenhouse environmental control facilities are relatively advanced, which can fully change the environment in the greenhouse.

The construction standard of glass multi span greenhouse basically belongs to the top level in the whole industry. The film used is also low-iron cloth glass, with very good light transmittance and no impact.

An electric external shading system is designed on the top of the intelligent greenhouse. The shading effect mainly depends on the shading green of the shading net. Generally, the shading rates that can be selected are 65%, 75% and 80%, which can be selected according to their local sunshine conditions. The conventional selection is 75%. For high ultraviolet areas such as Xinjiang and Tibet, it is recommended to select more than 80% of the shading net, Otherwise, the ultraviolet light at noon is too strong, resulting in the greenhouse heating up too fast.

The most noted cooling system in the whole greenhouse industry is the fan wet curtain. The fan wet curtain system is only the power of the fan motor and the water pump power of the wet curtain. When a fan is 1500W, the water pump is 500W, which is still quite different from the power of the air conditioner. Its cooling effect can basically reduce 5 ℃ in half an hour to reach a suitable temperature.

The high-end flower greenhouse is inseparable from the mobile sprinkler system on the top. Its basic purpose is to irrigate flowers, and a side effect is to cool down. Sprinkler irrigation can also be used to cool the greenhouse during planting, and it can also play a certain role in temperature regulation.

From a simple definition, as long as it is a flower, any variety can be called a flower. If you want to use temperature to control the opening time of flowers, the requirements for temperature are different for different flower varieties. Accordingly, to achieve accurate control, it is necessary to build such an intelligent greenhouse, which has relatively high scientific and technological equipment for temperature control.

In short, the application of temperature to control the opening time of flowers in the greenhouse has relatively high requirements for the construction standard of the greenhouse, especially for the temperature increase and cooling, and the supporting facilities need to be relatively high, which can generally be realized in the intelligent greenhouse. The ordinary vegetable greenhouse can not meet such temperature control requirements.

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Post time: Dec-21-2021