How to grow Hydroponic Lettuce?

Lettuce, also known as lettuce, belongs to the genus lettuce of Compositae. It is an annual or biennial herb crop and can be eaten raw. Originating from the Mediterranean coast of Europe, it has a large market demand. In recent years, the planting scale has been expanding and developing steadily. Lettuce is suitable for growing in a variety of cultivation environments such as soil cultivation and soilless cultivation (matrix cultivation and hydroponic culture). Hydroponic Lettuce has the advantages of annual continuous production, land saving, safety and cleanliness, and has developed into a mainstream hydroponic vegetable category.

How to plant lettuce in hydroponic culture?


1. water culture box: the main body of the water culture box is an impermeable container, which can use pots, wooden boxes and so on. It is better to use polystyrene foam boxes. The same length and width of foam plastic floats are mounted on the box to carry small plastic bowls or cups with vegetable seedlings and substrates.

2. Nutrient solution: there are many formulas for hydroponic vegetable nutrient solution. The widely used conventional formulas are 0.568g potassium nitrate, 0.710g calcium nitrate, 0.142g ammonium phosphate, 0.284g magnesium sulfate, 0.112g ferric chloride, 0.00284g potassium iodide, 0.00056g boric acid, 0.00056g zinc sulfate and 0.00056g manganese sulfate in one liter of water.

3. Planting substrate: the seedlings can be cultivated with nutrient soil in advance. During the period when the seedlings have two leaves and one heart to four leaves and one heart, the customized substrate can be configured with peat and water washing slag according to 1:1. Punch a hole at the bottom of the planting cup and insert a non-woven strip about 2 cm wide and 10 cm long. The length of the non-woven strip into the cup is about 3 cm. First put 1 / 2 of the substrate into the colonization cup, then implant small vegetable seedlings, and then add the substrate for colonization.

For the tools needed for early seedling raising, Naturehydro Indoor & Outdoor Farming can provide customized services. You can fill in the inquiry form for detailed inquiry. Of course, in the early stage of hydroponic cultivation, it is necessary to learn some knowledge. The reason why hydroponic cultivation can develop rapidly and win the favor of growers is due to the instability of soil. There are many kinds of hydroponic substrates, which can be completely planted in greenhouses, greenhouses or balconies. It is almost unaffected by bad weather. Lettuce and vegetables can be balanced according to growers or market demand all year round to ensure the stability of yield and supply.

Post time: Feb-28-2022