How to raise blueberry seedlings

Blueberry fruit is rich in nutrients, with the prevention of brain nerve aging, strong heart, softening blood vessels, enhance the immune system of the human body and other functions, blueberry, a small berry, the fruit is blue, beautiful color, blue is 1 layer of white fruit powder wrapped, the flesh is delicate, the seeds are very small. Blueberry fruit average weight 0.5 ~ 2.5g, weighing 5g, edible rate, sweet and sour taste, and has a pleasant fragrance, for fresh food, today we will introduce a blueberry how to seedlings, blueberry seedling technology.

1.Using tissue culture methods to cultivate semi-high bush blueberry and dwarf bush blueberry seedlings.

Basic culture medium: WPM + ZT (0.5 ~ 1.0mg / L) + IBA0.05mg / L

Starter culture: Use stem tip or stem segment, use 75% alcohol for 30s, then 0.1% ascending mercury for 8min, then rinse with sterile water five times, then inoculate into medium with 16h light, light intensity 2000~3000 lux, temperature about 23℃.

Proliferation culture: After the seedlings grow to the full size of the bottle, they are repeatedly transferred until the desired number.

Assessment: The bottle seedlings are qualified if they grow well, have normal color, the infection rate is controlled within 5% and the number is moderate.


After three days of bottle seedling refining, cut into about 3 cm stem segments, soak them with 800 times of carbendazim and rooting powder for 10 min, then transplant them into seedling trays filled with water moss, with temperature control at 15-28℃ and humidity at 70-90%, and shade them with shade net until the stem segments are rooted. Spray 800 times carbendazim and rooting solution every 15 days.

After rooting, move into a 12×13 cm nutrient bowl, and control the ph value of the seedling soil at about 4.5, while mixing in about 1/4 of saw foam or pine needles, etc.

Management: water moderately every day, observe the condition and insects, and prevent in time.

Assessment: rooting rate ≥ 70%, rooting survival rate ≥ 90% for qualified.

3.After the root system grows full of nutrition bowl can be moved into the field.

Post time: Nov-07-2022