Ihara launched wheat pre seedling herbicide containing pyrazol sulfone in Brazil

Ihara announced the launch of Yamato SC, a pre seedling herbicide used to control wheat ryegrass, in Brazil.

In an article written by experts, Yamato was described as a “modern tool with a differentiated action mechanism. Its advantages include: excellent control of ryegrass and strong residual effect and selectivity on wheat crops”.

According to Ihara, the development of the herbicide Yamato has adopted “exclusive technology, which can control resistant weeds in crops, with high selectivity, long duration, no damage to crops, and more lasting protection effect”.

Yamato also has good performance in potato, coffee, sugarcane, corn and other crops, and can control several weeds including brachia decumbens, Digitaria horizontalis, Digitaria insularis, and Panicum maximum.

“Winter grain (mainly wheat) has always been the basis for ensuring the food security of the Brazilian population. In addition, crop rotation / replacement is also an indispensable way to control weeds. Among the difficult weeds to control, Lolium multiflorum is particularly prominent. Experts said: “This is a grass that competes with wheat. It interferes with the growth of wheat through allelopathy and competes with wheat for nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which are crucial for the tillering of crops.”

Due to the increased resistance to the most commonly used herbicides and the limited supply of effective post seedling herbicides for wheat crops, it is necessary to consider a residual herbicide control scheme including an alternative mechanism, which is the only way to control the germination of ryegrass, so that we can achieve the premise of “no weeds from the beginning to the end” and provide flexibility for the effective use of supplementary post seedling herbicides, And reduce the number of follow-up applications required, “the experts concluded at the end of the article.

Source: World agrochemical network

Post time: Jun-08-2022