IHARA Launches Biofungicide Romeo (Cerevisane) in Brazil

World Agrochemical Network reports: IHARA recently launched its new biofungicide Romeo in Brazil, which contains the active substance Cerevisane, a specific product isolated from brewer’s yeast. This innovative technology has performed well when applied to soybean crops, with an average yield increase of 3.7 bags per hectare.

This result meant that the overall productivity of the fields treated with the product increased by 5%, obtaining yields that exceeded the national average.

According to the Brazilian Agricultural Supply Company (Conab), Brazil’s crop productivity is expected to decline this year, with a forecasted production of 122.4 million tons, down 11.4% from the previous production year. However, the focus of attention is currently focused on this issue and not on pests and diseases.

With the focus refocused on disease control and productivity improvements, the manufacturer introduced this technology that can increase Asian rust control by 15 percent.

According to the manufacturer, the biofungicide Romeo uses a mode of action not previously used in Brazil that activates the plant’s natural defenses, thus allowing for maximum production potential with the potential to achieve various levels of performance.

Iuri Cosin, coordinator of biologics at IHARA, said: ″Unlike products available on the market, when Romeo SC is applied to the leaves, the specific active ingredient it contains sends many messages to the plant, stimulating the plant’s internal physical and biochemical mechanisms. ″

Cosin describes this process″ as making the soybean plant stronger and more resistant to the Asian rust fungus. This new technology is ideal for use with other chemical and biological products, an ingredient for agricultural products that can be easily handled and stored. ″

Source: World Agrochemical Network

Post time: Jul-14-2022