Indonesia’s agricultural downstream products have more export value

International Daily reported on August 16 that Indonesian President Joko asked City and county governors across the country to continue to explore the export potential of agricultural products in the region. When he presided over the launching ceremony for the export of agricultural products on August 14, he said that at present, among the 514 cities, counties and districts in Indonesia, only 293 cities and counties have fist agricultural products such as palm oil, rubber and coffee, which are deeply favored by the international market. In addition, there are many other agricultural products with development potential, such as bird’s nest, Bolang potato powder, as well as essential oils, jasmine, ornamental plants, soybeans and other horticultural products that have developed rapidly in recent years.

Zoko stressed the need to vigorously develop agricultural downstream products and increase exports. On the same day, Indonesian Minister of agriculture limbo said that Indonesia has exported about 627.4 million tons of agricultural products to 61 countries or regions, including 564.6 million tons of planted commodities, 4.3 million tons of grain, 7.2 million tons of horticultural commodities and 4 million tons of meat, with a total export volume of about 7.29 trillion rupiah. These goods will be exported to China, the United States, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan through 17 seaports in Indonesia.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Republic of Indonesia

Post time: Aug-30-2021