Karai province of Vietnam is committed to increasing the output value of coffee

(people’s daily) Coffee is one of the main agricultural products in Jialai province and even Xiyuan region. With fertile basalt soil and ideal growth climate conditions, the coffee here has a unique flavor. However, over the years, Jialai coffee has not met the expectation of matching its brand with its intrinsic value.

In order to further enhance the value of coffee in Jialai Province, the Ministry of agriculture and rural development launched the “proposal to create high-quality coffee (2021-2030)”; The goal is to meet the growing demand for specialty coffee from consumers in the export market and domestic market, improve the added value and competitiveness of Vietnamese coffee products in the international market, and contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnamese coffee.

Jialai province is one of the two places in Xiyuan region that have benefited from the proposal. Investing in infrastructure construction to help cooperatives develop coffee raw material areas is one of the four contents carried out in four places and attracting the joint participation of six cooperatives. The proposal will upgrade nearly 12 km of traffic roads to provide services for promoting production, realizing interconnection and cross regional communication between raw material areas and processing areas. At the same time, it invested in the construction of three raw material areas for the procurement and storage of high-quality coffee, with a scale of 1300 tons.

Chen Guoxing, director of IA Ti ê m agricultural service operation cooperative, said that farmers participating in building high-quality coffee projects will benefit a lot. For example, the value of exported coffee will increase and the product price will also increase. Therefore, the proposal is being widely endorsed by farmers and the role of cooperatives has been strengthened.

Mr. Chen Guoxing pointed out that in order to produce up to standard high-quality coffee products, all cooperatives must strengthen publicity and let farmers improve the methods of planting, harvesting and processing in the direction of modernization and integration.

Li Wenwen, director of the agricultural project management committee of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development, believes that in order to successfully achieve the objectives of the project, each cooperative must adjust its organizational structure, change its production mode and relevant solutions; In particular, it attaches importance to meeting the standards put forward by associated enterprises.

Kalai Province, with a coffee planting area of nearly 100000 hectares, is the fourth largest coffee planting place in Vietnam. Jialai’s Robusta coffee products are highly praised by experts for their unique flavor. The Ministry of agriculture and rural development launched the “proposal to create high-quality coffee (2021-2030)”, which is expected to make a breakthrough in pushing the value of Jialai coffee to a higher and further level and achieving stable export after the adoption of the Vietnam Europe free trade agreement.

Source: Vietnam people’s daily

Post time: Dec-10-2021