Kazakhstan has sufficient wheat reserves

The Minister of agriculture of Kazakhstan, yerbol kalashukov, said that Kazakhstan has enough wheat and flour to meet the needs of its people and fulfill its export contracts. At present, there is no plan to impose restrictions on exports.

Yerbol kalashukov pointed out that at present, Kazakhstan’s wheat and flour reserves are enough to supply the consumption of the whole Kazakh people for 300 days. For many years, Kazakhstan has been self-sufficient in wheat, flour and pasta. With an inventory of 6 million tons, it will not only meet domestic demand, but also supply the international market and fulfill the export grain contract.

He stressed that the food and other food situation in Kazakhstan is completely stable and in sufficient supply.

Earlier news showed that Russia had suspended wheat exports to Eurasian Economic Union countries, including Kazakhstan. Since then, wheat prices in Kazakhstan have risen from 122000 tenge / ton to 128000-13000 tenge / ton.

Source: Kazakhstan international news agency

Post time: Mar-22-2022