Key points of jujube spring management technology

The management of jujube trees before budding in spring is very important for the management of a year. The main management measures during this period include: manual clearing and drug clearing.

1.Artificial clearing includes scraping bark, cleaning pest branches, cleaning dead branches and other measures. Through these measures, some bacteria and pests that overwinter in the park can be reduced. Among them, bark scraping is an important work. The main diseases and pests controlled by bark scraping include jujube red spider, beetle, jujube turtle wax scale, jujube pink scale, red edge longicorn beetle, ring rot, anthrax and other diseases. At the same time, scraping the bark can also promote the metabolism of the tree, which is conducive to the normal development of jujube trees. It is better to scrape the bark when the temperature starts to rise in spring, generally from the end of February to the first ten days of March.

When scraping bark, it is mainly to scrape off the thick skin and warped skin on the trunk and main branches. Scraping too lightly will not work. Scraping too heavily is easy to affect and destroy the xylem and cambium of the tree. Generally, it is better to keep the trunk from exposing white. Remember to take all the scraped warped skin outside the garden or destroy it.

2.Before the drug clearing, the friends of jujube farmers mainly used stone sulfur mixture. The main function of stone sulfur mixture is to kill mites and overwintering eggs. The purpose of jujube clearing is to prevent and control branch diseases. Moreover, the mites on jujube trees are mainly truncated spider mites. The overwintering eggs of truncated spider mites begin to hatch at the end of February. When jujube trees sprout, Red spiders have been breeding on the ground for 2-4 generations. At this time, red spiders are basically on the weeds on the ground, so the effect of spraying stone sulfur mixture to clear the garden before jujube germination is not good.

According to the occurrence characteristics of diseases and insect pests of jujube trees in recent years, the most ideal method of clearing the garden is to carry out drug clearing when the jujube trees are close to germination. The drug should be 400 times of 77% donin (calcium copper sulfate) wettable powder, and 2000 times of 19% Quint (chlorcyanogen? Liconid urea) suspension should be added to eradicate the overwintering bacterial sources and overwintering pests of the trees.

Source: China Agricultural Information Network

Post time: Jan-27-2022