Limited launch of high-quality brand varieties of strawberry seeds in Japan

Sanhao Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous strawberry breeding company in Japan. The company hopes to provide global growers with the planting and marketing rights of high-quality strawberry varieties in Japan (based on the rights of plant growers), so that more consumers around the world can taste the high-end strawberries cultivated in Japan.

Matsumoto yo, manager of the company’s international sales department, recently participated in the global berry Congress held by fruitnet group, which belongs to Asian fruit, as a guest. He pointed out at the meeting that Sanhao is the first breeding company in Japan to cultivate original Japanese sweet strawberry varieties for the purpose of global supply.

“We use complex biotechnology to produce plant seeds in test tubes. There are many possibilities to innovate in Japanese strawberry seed varieties,” he said.

Matsumoto believes that it is the enthusiasm of Japanese growers and consumers for strawberry products that has enabled the industry to develop and grow, so that Sanhao is full of confidence in the commercial prospect of Japanese strawberry varieties in the international market.

“There are many restrictions on the global export of Japanese strawberry plants,” he said. “However, we have experience in exporting Japanese strawberry seeds to Russia. In cooperation with Russian partners capable of growing this variety, we have successfully registered the plant breeder right of four-star strawberry variety (a popular public variety in Japan). It has become the first example of Japanese strawberry plant breeders’ decentralization to overseas markets.”

Sanhao looks forward to sharing the resources of Japanese strawberry varieties with global growers. The company’s global market plan includes the launch of two new “early generation” strawberry seed varieties, both of which operate under the brand named “berry pop”.

“The first variety is’ berry pop spring day ‘. It has high sugar content and solid pulp, which is superior to even the most popular Japanese variety in all aspects,” Matsumoto said. “The second one to be released is’ berry pop red cherry ‘. It also contains high sugar, but also has moderate acidity, giving consumers a fresher taste.” He said that Sanhao can’t wait to share the seed varieties of berry pop brand with the global market, but at the initial stage of the current project, the supply will be relatively limited.

“We hope everyone can experience the Japanese flavor of strawberries soon. We will register plant breeders for berry pop in as many overseas markets as possible. We will also provide seed resources and technical support to our partner units to ensure their success, which is also our goal,” Matsumoto said.

Source: Asiafruit Asian fruit

Post time: Feb-21-2022