Method for rapid germination of Cucumber Seeds

1. Soaking seeds in warm soup: put the dry seeds into warm water at 55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ and keep stirring, treat for about 10 minutes, soak the seeds for 4 ~ 6 hours when the water temperature drops to 28 ~ 30 ℃, and promote germination after washing.

2. Medicament disinfection method: soak the seeds with 0.1% carbendazim hydrochloride solution for 1 hour, rinse with water, and then soak the seeds with water for 4 hours to promote germination.

3. Seed film treatment method: some cucumber seeds have been treated by seed production units with seed film containing fungicide and a variety of trace elements when they are sold. Seed film treatment has a good bactericidal effect. The treated seeds can be directly soaked to promote germination or directly broadcast.

After the seeds are disinfected, take them out and wash them once, remove the water and dry them, wrap them with cloth, and put them under 27 ~ 30 ℃ for germination. In the process of germination, turn the seeds often to make the seeds evenly heated. They begin to sprout after about 24 hours. When the seeds expose the root tip, the temperature can be appropriately reduced and maintained at 22 ~ 26 ℃ for about two days. If the seeds cannot be sown on a cloudy day after germination, the seeds can be wrapped with a wet towel and placed in a cold place at about 10 ℃ to inhibit the continued growth of buds. This practice is called “squatting buds”.

Source: China Pesticide network

Post time: Jan-28-2022