Myanmar expands avocado planting area

According to Myanmar media, the vice chairman of Myanmar avocado producer and exporter Association said that Myanmar avocado performed well in the European market, and Singapore and Thailand also proposed to import Myanmar avocado.

In November 2020, Myanmar tried to export 0.5 tons of avocado to the UK by air, including Amara, Hass and Buccaneer. Myanmar avocado not only sells well in the UK market, but also Germany and Italy are interested in Myanmar avocado.

It is understood that the cultivation of avocado in Myanmar is mainly to enter the international market, and the varieties for export are mainly Hass avocado. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, 85% of Myanmar avocado was exported to Thailand, and a small amount entered China through border trade. Since the end of 2019, Myanmar’s avocado export has also been hindered by the epidemic and the unstable situation in Myanmar.

There are about 23 kinds of avocado in Myanmar. The production season lasts from October to February and March of the next year. It mainly grows in Shan state, chin state, Mandalay province and Sagaing province. At present, Myanmar’s domestic avocado area is about 20000 acres (121400 mu), and it is expected to increase 500 acres (3035.15 mu) in pyinoolwin area this year.

Source: international fruit and vegetable Report

Post time: Mar-11-2022