Organic agriculture in Serbia has developed steadily

According to the report of Nantong news agency on January 3, Simic, a member of Serbian organic agriculture organization and an organic food production consultant of the Ministry of agriculture, said that organic agricultural production is becoming more and more popular in Serbia and has attracted more and more farmers’ participation.

Simic said that at present, the organic agriculture area under operation in Serbia has reached 21000 hectares and nearly 7000 producers. In recent years, Serbia’s organic agriculture, the number of producers and organic food exports have shown a good growth trend. One of the key factors behind this trend is the subsidies provided by the Ministry of agriculture. In the past few years, Serbia’s government’s subsidies for organic agriculture have been increasing. In addition, consumers are paying more and more attention to healthy eating habits in COVID-19 and other countries around the world.

Simic pointed out that organic food production is of special social and economic importance to Serbia, and it is also an ideal choice for Serbia to develop agriculture and economy. Because the distribution of Serbian agriculture is characterized by the widespread existence of small farms with an average land area of 5 hectares, and organic agriculture can help these small farms produce high value-added products and enhance their competitiveness.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Republic of Serbia

Post time: Jan-11-2022