Peru’s blueberry industry attracts global attention

XXIX International Blueberry Seminar to convene on March 20 and 21 in Lima:

In a significant gathering set for March in Lima, Peru, the XXIX International Blueberry Seminar will convene, spotlighting the Peruvian blueberry sector’s resilience and innovation amidst climatic adversities. The event, scheduled for March 20 and 21 at the Lima Convention Center, will draw international investors, major fruit trade companies, and twenty global delegations, underscoring its status as a premier international forum on the Peruvian soil.

Representatives from diverse nations, including Mexico, Chile, Portugal, the USA, Italy, Morocco, New Zealand, Spain, China, England, India, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands have confirmed their attendance. The seminar will delve into critical issues like abiotic stress effects, varietal sensitivity to climate, genetic advancements, and the physiological and productive responses of blueberries to climatic conditions, with insights from esteemed researchers Reinaldo Campos (University of Chile), Patricio Muñoz, and Gerardo Núñez (University of Florida, USA).


Post time: Feb-27-2024