Peru’s fresh grape exports rise

On September 3, provid released the first forecast for 2021 / 22 production season, and Peru’s fresh grape export will exceed 60 million boxes for the first time.

According to provid, Peru’s fresh grape exports will reach 62.5 million cases, an increase of about 9% over 57.38 million cases in the previous quarter. According to the calculation of 8.2kg/box, the total export volume will reach 51.25 tons.

Peru is the world’s second largest exporter of fresh grapes, and its products are sold to 62 countries and regions around the world. Among them, the United States (41%) is the largest market for Peruvian grapes, followed by the Netherlands (14%) and China (11%). In 2020, China imported more than 53844 tons of Peruvian grapes, accounting for 22% of China’s total grape imports, second only to Chile and Australia. At present, Peru is trying to export fresh grapes to China by air.

At present, Peru has exported 50 grape varieties, including globe, superior, Timpson, autumn crisp autumn crisp and ivory varieties; Red globe is the main source of seeded red globe; Seedless red extract is mainly crimson, Allison, sweet celebration, Jack salute and timco varieties; Seedless Heiti is mainly autumn Royal, sapphire sweet sapphire, candy dreams and sweet Jubilee.

Source: international fruit and vegetable Report

Post time: Sep-14-2021