Plum planting area in ShanLuo Province, Vietnam enters the harvest season

At present, the plum planting area in ShanLuo province is entering the harvest season. From the previous spontaneous planting, local farmers have adopted new technologies in the process of plum planting and harvesting, so as to improve the quality and value of products, and the income of farmers has increased significantly.

Pankuai township is a key plum planting area in Yanzhou County, ShanLuo province. During the harvest season, more than 10 sales outlets in pankuai Township sell about 200 tons of plums a day.

Ruan wenshun, a farmer in pankuai Township, Yanzhou County, ShanLuo Province, said: “the price of plums this year is higher, with an average of 20000-30000 Dong per kilogram. The price of super large and sweet varieties can reach 100000 Dong / kilogram.”.

In order to improve the value of plums, the local government has encouraged and assisted farmers to improve their planting techniques in recent years. From allowing plum to grow freely, 70% of the plum area in Yanzhou county has been invested in irrigation system, regular fertilization and pruning of branches. Therefore, the plum quality is significantly improved, and the size is uniform, which can reach 12-18 pieces / kg.

Weiwenyu, vice chairman of the people’s Committee of Yanzhou County, ShanLuo Province, said: “in the past year, Yanzhou county has held promotional activities for plum products. We have also created the ruby plum brand, which is popular with consumers in some markets at home and abroad.”

ShanLuo Province, with an area of more than 11000 hectares, is trying to establish a plum brand, build a standard planting area, and obtain the planting area code. The local government also encourages self-employed households to set up cooperatives to plant and care for them according to standard procedures. In view of these efforts, ShanLuo plum has been sold to major cities in China and some Asian markets.

Ruan Chenggong, vice chairman of the people’s Committee of ShanLuo Province, said: “we must improve farming technology. We will gradually face new planting patterns such as organic agriculture, clean agriculture and smart agriculture.”

In 2022, the plum output of ShanLuo province will be about 60000 tons. So far, the sales of ShanLuo plums have been stable, bringing farmers an average income of about 150million-200million Dong / ha. With increasingly recognized quality and brand, plum is helping many residents in remote and poor areas of ShanLuo province shake off poverty and become rich, changing the face of rural areas.

Source: Vietnam people’s daily

Post time: Jun-14-2022