Russia will lift the ban on the import of Chinese apples and pears

Russia suspended the import of Chinese “seed” and “nuclear” agricultural products from August 10, 2019, and now the ban on kernel fruits has been lifted.

Chinese Apple will restart exports to Russia

According to the official website of the veterinary and Plant Health Supervision Bureau of the Russian Federation, on February 20, Russia officially resumed the import of Chinese Kernel crops (apples, pears, etc.). “The decision [to resume import] is the result of cooperation with the competent Chinese authorities and is made based on the consideration of the relevant crop production enterprises and the materials for storage and packaging submitted by China,” the Department said. According to relevant reports, since 2018, the Russian Customs Department has frequently found dangerous diseases and pests in plant products from China, with a total of 48 cases. Therefore, the import of Chinese “seed” and “nucleated” agricultural products has been suspended since August 10, 2019, in which fresh fruits mainly involve kernel fruits such as apples and pears and stone fruits such as fresh peaches and apricots.

In 2018, Russia imported more than 1 million tons of apples, papaya and pears, of which more than 10% came from China, with a trade volume of about 128000 tons.

Source: Asiafruit Asian fruit

Post time: Feb-25-2022