Russian government raises mineral fertilizer export quota

In a statement on the website of the Russian cabinet, the government has raised the export quota of Russian mineral fertilizer producers, which will continue until the end of May.

“The current export quota of mineral fertilizer producers in Russia has been temporarily increased by nearly 700000 tons,” the document said The export quota of nitrogen fertilizer increased by 231000 tons (to about 5.7 million tons), and the export quota of compound fertilizer increased by 466000 tons (to about 5.6 million tons).

The source added: “until May 31, the quota is not applicable to the supply of chemical fertilizer to the people’s Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”

It should be emphasized that these measures are necessary to support fertilizer producers facing the risk of shutdown due to low domestic market demand and unfriendly country sanctions. At the same time, producers expect non sanctioned countries to be interested in fertilizers.

Source: Russian satellite news agency

Post time: Apr-19-2022