Russian wheat export tariff increases

According to the official website of the Russian Ministry of agriculture, the national wheat export tariff was raised to US $31.7 per ton from August 25 to 31 (inclusive); US $26.6 per ton of barley; Corn is $49.6 per ton.

Russian wheat export tariff: USD 30.4 per ton from August 18 to 24 (inclusive); US $26.1 per ton of barley; Corn is $49.6 per ton.

Since June 2, Russia has implemented a flexible export tariff system for wheat, corn and barley. The tariff accounts for 70% of the difference between the guide price (arithmetic average of daily price indicators) and the basic price. The basic price of wheat is $200 per ton; Corn and barley are $185.

The funds obtained through tariffs will be returned to wheat, rye, corn and feed barley producers in various regions in the form of subsidies.

Source: Russian satellite news agency

Post time: Aug-26-2021