Seipasa launches bactericide containing Bacillus subtilis

Seipasa is an enterprise specialized in the development, preparation and production of biological pesticides, biological fungicides, biostimulants and fertilizers. The company recently announced that it would launch fungisei in France after obtaining the phytosanitary registration.

This will enable seipasa to provide farmers with a unique solution with differentiated value in controlling gray mold, powdery mildew, downy mildew and other diseases of many crops. In addition to France, fungisei has been registered in Mexico, the United States, Peru, Turkey, Morocco or C ô te d’Ivoire.

Fungisei is a microbial bactericide developed by using high-efficiency Bacillus subtilis strains, and seipasa has applied for a patent for its formula. Dr. inmaculada del Castillo, head of the Microbiology Department of seipasa, pointed out: “the exclusive fusion technology adopted by seipasa can ensure that the product maintains the microbial stability of the active ingredients within the two-year shelf life required by the plant quarantine products. The product is a liquid agent and does not contain chemical preservatives.”

Pepe mart í Nez, European business development manager of seipasa, expressed satisfaction with the registration of fungisei in France and disclosed that the product would soon be listed in other strategic markets in Europe, Asia and Africa.

“Through fungisei, we will provide fruit and vegetable growers with a revolutionary tool with very high added value in disease control. This product is not only efficient, but also its patented formula and fusion technology can ensure the uniformity of the product under any conditions and stability over a wide temperature range.”.

Pepe mart í Nez added that the registration process in other European countries was “close to completion” and expressed his confidence that crop growers in these markets would soon be able to obtain fungisei.

Pepe Martinez also emphasized that fungisei is a product with seipasa gene, which includes all the innovations of the company’s natural technology in a single solution. “Seipasa regards fungisei as a biological fungicide developed by a new generation of farmers because it fully complies with the increasingly stringent EU regulations on the use of chemically synthesized active substances”.

Pepe mart í Nez emphasized that fungisei was listed as a low-risk product by the European Commission. According to the EU crop protection framework, out of a total of 452 substances, only 35 active ingredients belong to this classification.

Source: World agrochemical network

Post time: Jun-16-2022