Serbian industry insiders expect farmers to plant more sunflowers

As western developed countries have no edible oil reserves, the market will have a greater demand for sunflowers, and Serbian farmers will plant more sunflowers.

Svovi ć, director of the Serbian Grain Association, said that due to the war in Ukraine, the market demand for sunflowers has increased greatly, and planting sunflowers requires less fertilizer, so planting sunflowers is more attractive to farmers. It is estimated that the sown area of sunflowers will reach 245000 hectares. Based on the yield of 3 tons per hectare, the yield of sunflower seeds will be about 735000 tons.

In addition, the sown area of wheat in Serbia last year was 621000 hectares. Based on the yield of 4.8 tons per hectare, the wheat yield this year is about 3 million tons. According to the spring sowing plan, the sown area of corn is about 950000 hectares. Based on the yield of 7.5 tons per hectare, the corn yield will reach 7.1 million tons. This year’s soybean planting area will be the same as last year or slightly higher. The planting area is about 240000 hectares, and the output will reach 770000 tons according to the unit yield of 3.2 tons per hectare.

She stressed that the above prediction depends not only on meteorological conditions, but also on whether farmers have enough funds to sow. Now, due to the export ban, a large number of agricultural products cannot be sold in exchange for spring sowing funds, but the prices of fuel, seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are still rising in the market. According to the agreement, the Serbian grain association is obliged to export 459000 tons of wheat before June 30 and 670000 tons of corn before September 30. Now the market has a great demand for refined oil, and the sowing cost is lower than that of corn, so sunflowers can be planted in a large area.

Analyst sedomir said that Vojvodina province has reached an agreement to buy sunflowers at the price of 80 to 90 dinars per kilogram. This price is much higher than last year, which has increased farmers’ enthusiasm for planting. The expectation of high sunflower prices is related to the uncertainty of production in Ukraine and the shortage of edible oil in Germany. It is expected that the sown area of Maize in Serbia may be reduced, and the sown area of sunflower will increase by 20000 or 30000 hectares. Because western developed countries have no sunflower reserves, Austria and Germany lack edible oil, and Ukraine cannot provide so many oil plants under wartime conditions, there will be a great demand for sunflowers. He also predicted that the price of rapeseed would reach an all-time high of at least 800 to 1000 euros per ton.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Republic of Serbia

Post time: Apr-18-2022