Slovenia’s agricultural prices rose by an average of 20% in October

According to the news of December 14 of Sri Lanka news agency, according to the data released by Sri Lanka’s National Bureau of statistics, the average price of crop products increased by 29.7% and the average price of livestock products increased by 10.3% in October. On average, the price of edible animals is 9.6% higher than that a year ago. The price of beef cattle increased by 20.5%, the price of pigs decreased by 2.4% and the price of broilers decreased by 1.8%.

The price of animal products increased by 11%. Among them, the average purchase price of milk increased by 8.3%, and the average purchase price of eggs increased by 5%. The purchase amount of agricultural products in October increased by 29.4% over October last year and 36.2% over September this year. The total value of crops purchased from the group’s agriculture is 62.1% higher, and the value of fruits purchased from the fruit planting and grape cultivation group is 38.3% higher.

Source: Slovenian News Agency

Post time: Dec-28-2021